Embracing Advanced Learning

Inspire Scholars Foundation(ISF) is a non-profit, youth-led organization created in May 2013 to enhance education in Rwanda by facilitating rural individuals to pursue higher education on the international stage. As most developing countries, Rwanda’s greatest need is learned citizens capable of taking thoughtful decisions to build a knowledge-based economy. ISF sees the answer to this need in providing quality education to the youth.

In Rwanda, more than eighty percent of the population lives in rural areas. However, very limited access to online resources i.e. internet hinders rural students to compete for various academic opportunities available around the world. Hence, ISF was founded with the simple vision to bring awareness of these opportunities to Rwandan people in rural areas. From there, came the idea to not only bring awareness but also to offer academic programs to enhance school curricula, and attain international standards and competency.

Through evaluations, ISF selects highly motivated and community-spirited students who aspire to become change agents. The students are facilitated to prepare for college entrance exams and other qualifications. After their high school graduation, ISF offers guidance and necessary funds to meet the requirements needed to apply for higher education institution in developed countries.

Inspire Scholars Scholars